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    Is there a deposit required for gas service?

    A: New-service applicants or previous customers who are applying for service again can contact us for information online or by coming by one of our three offices. If an existing LCNGA customer is moving into another location and requests gas service your deposit can be transferred to the new location provided the previous account has been paid in full.

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    What documentation is required to establish natural gas service in my name?

    A: If you purchase the property:

    • A Meter Application-Can be filled out online by clicking here or at one of our three locations
    • Proof of Ownership-Closing papers such as the Closing Disclosure Statement for the property (must contain buyers name and address of the property)
    • Picture Identification

    If you are renting the property:

    • A Meter Application
    • Your Rental Agreement
    • Picture Identification
    • Social Security card

    Please visit one of our three locations to establish your natural gas account.


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    Where can I purchase natural gas appliances?

    A: Drop by our showroom at 104 Old Camden Rd, Lancaster, SC 29720. We have gas logs, water heaters, tankless water heaters, space heaters, grills and many other items in stock.

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    How deep do we bury natural gas lines for residential service?

    A: We bury the lines approximately 18 inches deep.

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    Who do I call to have my gas line and other underground utilities located?

    A: You need to call at least 72 hours prior to any excavation. The number is 811. This service is provided free of charge.

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    Why am I required to be present when my gas is turned on?

    A: We require this for the safety of our customers. Some appliances may be on or need a pilot lighted.

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    What is the levelized payment plan?

    A: The levelized payment plan is a program that averages your consumption for the previous 12 months and calculates your current bill based on that average. This levelizes your monthly payments throughout the year and reduces the higher bills during the winter months. Customers must sign up for this service in either June or July depending on your service location. Call us and we’ll be happy to help you set this up.

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    What is the bank draft payment plan and why should I enroll?

    A: The bank draft payment plan allows us to automatically deduct your monthly gas bill from your checking or savings account. It will save you time, checks, and postage. It’s convenient and free.

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    I think I smell gas in my house. What should I do?


    • Leave the area IMMEDIATELY
    • After leaving the area use a cell phone or neighbor’s phone to call LCNGA at 803-285-2045

    DO NOT:

    • use anything electrical that may create a spark
    • operate any light switches
    • use the door bell
    • light a match
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    What are the advantages of using natural gas as opposed to electricity?

    A: Natural gas heat is warmer than a heat pump, and also many natural gas appliances will operate during a power outage such as fireplace logs, most water heaters and gas cooktops. Interruptions in natural gas service are almost nonexistent and gas is significantly less expensive to use than electricity and practically all other forms of energy. Call our office nearest you for more information.

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    When I am on vacation, should I turn my water heater off?

    A: It is not necessary to turn your water heater off. Many water heaters have a vacation setting on the thermostat or if you will be gone for an extended period of time, you can set the control on the pilot position and the water heater will not operate until you set it back to the on position.

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    What is the time frame on installing new service lines?

    A: It is generally 4 to 8 weeks depending on weather and scheduled work. All applicants with new construction should apply for service when the building permit is applied for to prevent delays. In fairness to everyone desiring a gas service line, we must necessarily process all applications for service in chronological order of receipt.

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    There is a yellow wire wrapped around the gas line at the meter, and it is not connected. What is this?

    A: This is a tracer wire that enables us to locate route of the service line from the meter back to the gas main. Please do not tamper with this wire or attach it to anything.

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    When I pay the $300.00 gas service installation fee, what other charges will I have?

    A: As long as the service line is no longer than 200 feet, and the required appliances are installed, there will be no other fees associated with the gas service line installation. Please call our office nearest you for further explanation. It is the customer’s responsibility to have internal house piping installed from the gas meter to each appliance. Customers also should purchase their appliances from a reputable dealer and have them installed according to gas code.

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    My residential area has been approved for a gas main extension. When will the line be installed?

    A: This is determined by the engineering department and will be scheduled as soon as possible. Do not remove your present system until you receive a letter from the secretary informing you that gas is on the line and ready for operation. Even short gas main extensions take significantly more engineering and permitting than service lines and therefore, several months generally are required for this process before a main can be constructed.

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    How long will it take for LCNGA to turn my gas on once I make the request and pay the connection fee?

    A: If you already have a gas service line to your house, we can generally turn your gas on the same day you request it, however, when cool weather arrives and everyone is calling at the same time, you may experience a delay of several days, so call early to prevent this from happening.

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    How do I know if gas is available at my home?

    A: You can contact us by phone or email and we can trace your address and let you know if natural gas is available in your area.

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